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Certificate Course on Hindu Marriage




Family Law is one of the most important aspect as most of the aspects of a family are being regulated by laws, particularly the personal laws. Hindu Marriage Act is one such law which regulates Marriage, Divorce, Maintenance, Legitimacy, Restitution of Conjugal Rights, Judicial Separation etc. in a Hindu Marriage. It is certainly highly significant to know and learn the act as it is widely and vastly practiced across the nation. It regulates a marriage from its start to its end. 

The Hindu Marriage act has various aspects which definitely must be learned by everyone. These regulate marriage, divorce, maintenance and the like. It determines the legality of a marriage, it determines whether parties must be granted divorce as per the conditions present under the act, it determines what maintenance does a party needs to pay to another etc.

We at The LAW Learners, through our certificate course on the Hindu Marriage Act aim to produce the aforementioned skills in our Family. We strive to make our team equipped enough to handle bulky Family law Provisions with ease and creative line of thoughts.

Upon Submission of the Application Form, we shall contact you on 29th December '2023.


Last Date for receipt of Applications - 29 December '2023

Date of Commencement of Course - 1 January '2024


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