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TLL 2nd Constitutional Amendment Writing Competition 2019

Where you become the Parliament of India!

2nd Constitutional Amendment Writing Competition 2019

The LAW Learners is back with its flagship Event, TLL 2nd Constitutional Amendment Writing Competition 2019.  It runs on a very simple proposition - If you were the Parliament of India, what Constitutional Amendment would you have enacted?  Our sole aim through this Competition is to enhance your argumentative capacity, logic, impart profound legal knowledge along with developing new insights to self-interpretation.

The Constitutional Amendment Writing Competition is a one of its kind Event to enhance the practical thinking capacity of the participants.  We at The LAW Learners, wish to expand your horizons and take you to the Application based arena rather than merely a theoretical based setup. Thus, the Competition is in itself based on a very practical scenario.We wish to instill in our family, the ability to comprehend the situational demands of the society, and come up with new measures of problem solving. Being the future of the Nation, we wish to make the youth believe that their Ideas Count. Who knows, the hub of talents, thoughts and creativity may solve the issues whose practical solution might have never been thought of before.

And yes we again make you informed that ALL the Participations in The LAW Learners including the Competition are FREE, along with various rewards set aside for the top peformers.

So hurry up and be a part of our journey to IGNITING MINDS! 


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A lot of Rewards await you!


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