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Certificate Course on Constitution


ENROLLED - 26412

In most areas of law, the law regulate the behavior of individual and organizations. It is Constitutional Law that regulates the legal system, itself. It is concerned with how justice is administered. It is not coincidental, that the highest Court in the land, the Supreme Court, concerns itself with Constitutional Law! If the legal system goes ajar, it will affect all other areas of the law!A constitution sets up a set of laws that even the rulers have to obey, forcing consistency and stability in law over the long run.

People know basically what is and is not legal, and know that they can rely on it remaining so at least for the short run, because they know the constitution cannot easily be altered. It makes citizens feel secure, and keeps leaders from running amok. Indian Constitution is one of the lengthiest documents of the World. It contains numerous provisions and hence for Law Learners, to develop analysis skills along with the power to interpret and distinguish between the relevance of various legal provisions. 

We at The LAW Learners, through our certificate course on Constitutional Law aim to produce the aforementioned skills in our Family. We strive to make our team equipped enough to handle bulky Constitutional Provisions with ease and creative line of thoughts.

Upon Submission of the Application Form, we shall contact you on 29th February' 2024

  • Last Date for receipt of Applications - 29 February '2024

  • Date of Commencement of Course - 1 March '2024


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