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Certificate Course on Jurisprudence


ENROLLED - 22011

Jurisprudence, in the simplest terms is defined as the Philosophy of Law. As it is important to have a hand in the origin, development, scope and importance of the Subject, we tend to study; Jurisprudence makes us equipped with such knows how of Law. It is generally expressed in the writings and teachings of legal scholars, judges, and other persons interested in questions like, what is law? Does it have anything to do with morality? Is an unjust law really law? Does the fact that something is the law itself give you a reason to follow it, apart from any consequences?


It is very interesting as a discipline. It helps us to think philosophically about law. It familiarizes us with the normative questions concerning law and the legitimacy of law and legal systems around the world. It helps us to understand the various theories of law by various legal philosophers and jurists around the world since decades. The subject helps you to unlearn the basic assumptions that we have about law and helps us to develop critical perspectives about modern law and clarifies legal experience and thought. It is a treat as a subject.

We at The LAW Learners strive to put into our team, this know-how of unconventional facts about Law as a Subject, so that they can look Laws from another perspective and develop the critical thinking.

Upon Submission of the Application Form, we shall contact you on 29th February '2024

Last Date for receipt of Applications - 29th February '2024

Date of Commencement of Course - 1 March '2024


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