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Certificate Course on Negotiable Instrument


ENROLLED - 22984

Course Conducted by - Assistant Professor Mrs. Garima Goswami, Gujarat National Law University Gandhinagar.

One of the most significant aspect of Banking Law is the Negotiable Instruments Act 1881. The NI Act offers great assistance in comprehending what exactly is a cheque, negotiable instrument, drawer, drawee, what is endorsement and what is maturity. Furthermore, the  act deals about the liability of a drawer and a drawee and how is the liability is discharged. NI Act is very well known for its peculiar provisions of Dishonour of Cheque which strives to create a civil wrong into a criminal liability. 

The NI Act offers various such provisions which are very important not only for law students, which goes without saying but for non law students as well. We all have heard of a cheque  bounce, but what is it exactly legally? . The act offers a comprehensive learning mechanism regarding Banking Law which is very peculiar in our nation as various provisions of the NI Act are regularly and consistently practiced in Indian Courts.

We at The LAW Learners, through our certificate course on the Negotiable Instruments Act aim to produce the aforementioned skills in our Family. We strive to make our team equipped enough to handle bulky Banking Law Provisions with ease and creative line of thoughts.

Upon Submission of the Application Form, we shall contact you on 29th February '2024

Last Date for receipt of Applications - 29 February '2024

Date of Commencement of Course - 1 March '2024


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