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The Indian Rape Culture

Rapes can't be stopped just by protests and agitations but all it takes to safeguard a women is by being HUMANS.'This article has been authored by our Content Editor Mansi Mittal, a student at Miranda House, Delhi University. The title itself is enough to explain the contents of the piece.

indian rape culture

'Abaa I am your daughter, please

Please abaa !!''

In the dark corner of the house when taken advantage of my innocence , when taken advantage of being a girl , when taken advantage of letting your own people touch you , molest you, show their manly powers . I was only 6 years but that day I realized the real face of devil's in the form of MAN. When my ammi used to tell me the stories of great humans who fought with devils and protected us .

But certainly I now realize that the biggest danger is not with the devils outside but are inside. History of rapes is also the same. Times when devadasi “the servant of God” were seen as the musicians and dancers serving only to God but the pattern changed and they were exploited by men and were used as tool to satisfy their sexual desires. "Men are the most powerful creatures but they are the most inhuman ones too when it comes serve a lady." Is this what we are going to pass on to our upcoming generations “To rape and not to respect a WOMEN.’’ We worship Goddess Laxmi, Kali, Saraswati but we don’t respect our women’s , women’s on earth are goddess in disguise.

Rape cases in India have increased tremendously since 2012 . Over the last five years there is an immense increase of 277% from 572 in 2011 to 2,155 in 2016. According to the survey conducted by Thomas Reuters Foundation India is ranked on No. 1 in terms of the most dangerous country in the world for women because of sexual violence. Even Syria and Afghanistan are placed second and third.

Is India just capable of holding 1st rank in such scenarios? News related to Rape, now a days have become the flavor of newspapers. A girl is raped every 30 minutes in India. The headline every day states “GIRL BEING RAPED , INFANT BEING RAPED , WOMEN BEING RAPED and so on.

So what's the reason behind being raped ?Is it the clothes we wear or the time we return home ..

What is the fault of a newborn, is that because they are born without clothes or just because they are born girls? I was going through my Facebook when I read an article stating that a 8 month baby girl was raped by her own grandfather, she was just a newborn child who was unaware of the harsh realities of this cruel world where she came not as light to her family but her own family ripped away her tiny soul. Just like on 16th December 2012 Delhi - Nirbhaya rape case took place in which she was brutally beaten and then succumbed to death. The law should have given grating punishments to the rapists . But it took almost five years for her to get justice.

Is there a way to prevent it?

Rapes need to be stopped not by just implying rules and regulations but by punishing the culprits in no time and to teach them with stringent punishments so that nobody dares to commit it with someone else. By creating the fear among the men with the consequences that the act will lead to if they try to commit such inhuman activities. Proper education should be provided to girls in rural and urban areas to stay away from such monsters which try to lure them.

Apart from it, boys should be treated similar to girls and families should teach everything to their boys as they teach to girls like to respect, to cook, to behave properly and whatsoever is taught to girls so that we can bring the change to the society.

To stop rapes in our country is not an easy job but we can certainly be aware of some of the basic stuff so as to protect one from getting raped-

● Learn self defense techniques like karate , judo , martial arts that can be helpful .

● Rather facing sexual abuse , harassments and beatings, take stands for yourself.

Rapes can be stopped only if women's are considered as humans not the dolls that can only be used to fulfill the sexual desire. It can be done by providing sex education to children without any hesitation by the faculties. Rather blaming her clothing , her way of talking and taking it as a sign to rip her clothes , let's change the way we look at her and stop considering her as an equipment for our desires.

Rapes can't be stopped just by protests and agitations but all it takes to safeguard a women is by being HUMANS.

mansi mittal
Mansi Mitta, BA Student, Miranda House, Delhi University

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