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APPLY BY - 30 JUNE '2023


Enrolled - 24517

Registration Fee - Rs. 300

Contract Drafting is an art, which though not taught in most law schools, must be known to all law students. Whether you enter a firm, step into practice, establish your own firm or independent litigation practice, as a professional you would be expected to know the basics of contract drafting. Needless to mention, brilliantly drafted contracts can sail you to great heights in your life.

The Course contains 5 Modules, divided into various sub topics. The Course is dedicated to teach the general drafting skills and alongside, it shall focus on - Lease Deed, Sale Deed, Shareholders Agreement, Joint Venture, Partnership Deed, MoA and AoA. The Modules have been created in a lucid manner, hence comprehensible for all. The Course aims to discuss the elements of a well drafted contract, the principles of Contract law, skills for drafting well defined clauses ahead of an imminent problem and the do’s and don’ts while drafting a contract.

The LAW Learners brings to you, a 10 Day Certificate Course on the Basics of Contract Drafting. The Course has been specially designed for law students, who wish to learn the lessons of drafting a contract from the scratch. The Course would be beneficial for legal professionals in the most effective manner.

During this Covid outbreak, add a new skill to your skill set and your CV.

Upon Payment of the fee, Kindly fill up the Application Form.

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